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Experience in Trade Policy Analysis

The following are some of the specific activities that Institute of Trade Development has been involved. They Include but not limited to:-

  • Trade Facilitation and Export Potential Studies
  • Experiences in capacity building for Trade Facilitation and export management
  • Experience in trade capacity building in public procurement and Supply Chain Management.

The Institute of Trade Development have years of experience in providing Trade Facilitation Studies for companies and Organizations. ITD has provided Trade Facilitation Studies for:

Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA).

ITD in a joint venture with Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) developed a framework for monitoring the implementation of the KMA standards for delivery of maritime transport services at the Port of Mombasa.

By monitoring the services of shipping lines, ships’ agents, port authority, container freight stations, cargo consolidators, empty depot operators, customs authorities, inland transporters and freight forwarders, the Authority intends to enhance efficiency and accountability in the delivery of the maritime transport services in Kenya.

Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA)

ITD in a joint venture with Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC) carried out the study to analyze Port of Dar es Salaam current operational performance from Marine, to cargo handling and clearance operation procedures with the aim of categorizing them using the International Labour Organization (ILO) concept.

The study also aimed to help the Port improve its statistical data collection, by providing transparency, accuracy and analysis that would help identify areas to be worked on to improve productivity. It was also aimed at measuring the average lead time it takes to clear goods for imports and exports by analyzing the processes in every step of documentation. This consultancy was divided into four distinct but complementary components;

  • Port performance baseline Study of Marine Services;
  • Port performance baseline Study of Clearance Operations;
  • Port performance baseline Study of Cargo Handling;
  • Analysis of current statistics and development of Operational Statistical tool (for all the above components).

East Africa Trade Hub- USAID

As trade facilitation consultant ITD was assigned this task to provide technical support/input to the Kenya Bureau of Standards Alliance Project, through training of over 320 government staff across the country on WTO Agreements on Trade Facilitation and Technical Barriers to Trade application at various levels of trade facilitation in Kenya.

Trade Facilitation Training

ITD has been involved in training export and import customs procedures since 1993. ITD has trained over 300 companies in the region of Eastern and Southern Africa. Since the Bali Agreement in December 2013, ITD has trained staff members from several government agencies and private sectors on WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation.

These organizations were drawn from Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC), Ministry of Trade in Burundi, Rwanda Breweries, Glaxo’s Pharmaceuticals, Bamburi Cement, Toyota Kenya and Kenya Bureau of Standards. The trainings created awareness on WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Training 600 Cross-borders traders on EAC

The main objective of the training was to enhance capacity of the cross –border traders on the principles of the EAC Common Market and the context of the STR; the use of the simplified customs documents, the simplified certificate of origin (SCoO), the common list of STR eligible products.

The training helped cross borders traders gain an understanding of EAC Common Market and take advantage of the simplified trade regime within the region.

Mapping Study of Time and Costs of Import and Export Processes in Rwanda to establish a baseline for Single Window Implementation-

The main objective of the study was to identify the current time taken and costs incurred in the importation and exportation of various priority value chains in Rwanda and to establish a baseline for Single Window Implementation.

Specifically the study was to establish the direct and indirect time and costs incurred in the processes and procedures from various trade facilitation organizations, for importing or exporting various value chains. The study was intended to establish potential time and cost savings from Single Window implementation and project potential cost benefits for businesses in East Africa.

eTransform Africa study

ITD undertook a case study in Kenya to help to identify lessons and best practices that could guide other countries in rolling out and scaling ICT applications that have had impact and/or have potential for trade and trade-related activity and integration.

The case study was also to identify and address opportunities for improving regional trade and integration, including regional integration at the level of Regional Economic Communities, as well as opportunities for public/private partnership, areas in which intervention can be reduced or eliminated, and investments that are not having their intended impact.

Shippers Council of East Africa

Institute of Trade Development carried out a study on trade facilitation systems, the legal, regulatory, procedures and practices of export and import processes in East Africa.

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