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Our Approach To Training

We use the holistic approach in designing and delivering training solutions, based on the outcomes of researches into trends in organisational and environmental developments, the outcomes of the evaluation of our deliveries and participants’ feedback. This has made the courses to be innovative, practical-oriented and solutions to problems surrounding every aspect of personal and organisational development. It has also led to the revision of our courses, following which many have been enriched the more, with new ones added in 2019.

Range Of Courses

We organise a wide range of courses which are both open and in-house. The open courses can also be organized on bespoke basis, so as to give clients the opportunity of building the capacity of large numbers of their staff in critical areas addressed by the identified courses.

Evaluation Of Courses

Institute of Trade Development evaluates its courses, paying attention to how the courses are delivered and receiving feedback from participants at the end of the courses. The results have greatly influenced the planning, implementation and the modification of our courses.

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